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VALOA design Oy: Naistenlahden voimalaitos

A light artwork designed permanently for the facade of the power plant.


A permanent digital light artwork situated on the facade of Hotel Torni.

VALOA design Oy: Valometsä

Valometsä (translation: Light Forest) depicts a pine forest, characteristic to its surrounding Satakunta landscape.

Pasi Rauhala ja Petri Eskelinen: Luola ja Löydös

A video sculpture, that interacts with artificial and natural light, located in Kummun koulu (Kummu's school), Outokumpu.

Petri Saarikko: Mindmap

Petri Saarikko | Mielenkartta | Mindmap | 2022

Arttu Nieminen, Emppu Pietarinen ja Jan Erik Leutola: Inner Glow

Light artwork invites you to identify your internal moods through an abstract combination of lights.

Heidi Stålnacke: Sparkling Earth

Sparkling Earth -installation.

Tomi Paijo: Echoes of the Currents

Artwork evoking whispers, memories, and the fluidity of time's current.

Rami Saarikorpi: Ultraviolet Reality

Interactive light art boards.

Teo Lanerva: Liquid Line

A conversation with light and gravity.

Anni Laukka: The Last Play

A shadow sculpture made of children’s soft toys from homes hit by bombs in Ukraine.

Saana Volanen: Katsoessa katoaa / Vanishing while viewing

The light that once was here is here again but so different that one could not say it is the same.

Alexander Salvesen: Perception Calibrator I

A calibration for the eyes with pink and green.

Alexander Salvesen: So Where Do We Cut Next?

Artwork is a 5 channel analog projection inspired by humanitys relationship with nature.

Joakim Udd: Välittäjä

Välittäjä contemplates humans as a means of representing technology. In the piece, narrow beams of light follow a path created by the work's arms and draw out a shape on an illuminated surface.

Emma Rönnholm: Serve Somebody

Light installation in 8 parts: collage of plastic bags, colour changing LED lights, wooden boxes. After medieval church windows in Chartres and Strasbourg.

Emma Rönnholm: Evocation

Evocation is a site specific light installation made for a cellar space in Suomenlinna. The wind blows through the space, setting the piece in motion, hiding and revealing shadow figures behind a semi-opaque plastic curtain.

Jere Suontausta: On Thin Ice

A sculpture or diorama, LED and found objects.

Juan Kasari: American Prayer

The artworks are large abstract colour surfaces that avoid both the figurative idiom and narrativity. They are also in a constant state of change.

Jere Suontausta & Antti Hevosmaa: Musta olemus (Black Essence)

Kinetic artwork: contrasts of static & still, light & shadow.

Irina Pått: 14 Dancers

Plywood relief with light, located in Serlachius Museum's Art Sauna.

Belenos Group of Arts: Halo

Halo is a futuristic and uplifting light show filled with sparkling northern magic!

Ilkka Paloniemi / Curating

Light art is a tinder match against physical and mental darkness.

Leena Kangaskoski: Hiekkahippuhohde

Hiekkahippuhohde is part of a three piece installation located in the Daycare Centre Hopealaakso in Kruunuvuorenranta, Helsinki.
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