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Jukka Hautamäki: Instruo

Instruo is a study of decontextualization of material. 

Jukka Hautamäki: Carmina Latiaeaeti

Carmina Latiaeaeti produces variations of disappearing images.

Jere Suontausta: Moment

Interpretation of momentariness through light and form.

Tarja Ervasti: Seven gates

A sequence of reflected light forms and colours from seven mirrors.

Vappu Rossi: Flapper

Inspired by the inner world of the mind, Flapper is a play on perception.

Tomasz Sekular: Seascapes

A playful reorientation and combination of light and video art engaging with the Seascapes-genre and screen space.

Ilkka Paloniemi: Juntta

A construction site themed installation with a pile driver machine and pile made out of light. A statement that culture and art should be pile driven to a deep foundation in our society.


An immersive and large-scale audiovisual experience blending sound and light, exploring the aesthetics and diversity of nature.

Janne Ahola: Counterparts

Counterparts aims to disclose how vanishing is the line between virtual and physical worlds. Bridge through these two realities is made possible by the playful variation of projected shadows and highlights.

Ville Mäkelä: Иван V ( Ivana V)

A critical and timely work about the cruel cycle of despotic rule which perpetuates itself as tyrants amass power through fear.

Pasi Pehkonen: The message from the nest

A small-scale work installed on a branch. The work is a comment on the loss of birds and nature canopy.

Markku Uimonen: Shadow of Light

A work consisting of neon tubes on acrylic and charcoal.

Veli-Ville Sivén: Place to be

An immersive installation combining light, smoke, and sound. The whole creates a composition in which the visitors are a key element.

Kirsti Taiviola: Flying Bird With Seven Lenses

A work made with a unique technique: a stop-motion animation with hand blown glass lenses.

Elisa Hillgen: Valonkehrä

A small-scale rotating work, suitable for indoors.

Jussi Kamunen: Celeritas

The light-lens composition Celeritas offers an opportunity to see the world through new lenses, literally. The work consists of second-hand eyeglass lenses, which form a towering light sculpture.

Alexander Salvesen: Solastalgia

A bright and large-scale installation combining light, painting and glass.

Jere Suontausta / Curating

Every photon is a marvel; to be present to witness this is most astonishing.

Hannu Huhtamo: Light painting photo booth

Light painting photo booth.

Eero Helle: EQ

A monumental work exploring values, individual experience and the interpretation of concepts.

Marko Häkkinen: The Connection

A work about life's web; the visible and invisible ties people should respect.

Alexander Salvesen: A Bright Future

Analog projection inspired by light pollution and other global problems.

Alexander Reichstein: The Family Tree

Glowing human figures presenting various generations mounted onto a natural tree.

Alexander Reichstein: The Nameless Family Album

A series of large scale transparent glowing "photos", which invite visitors to wander among them.
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