Hannu Huhtamo: Light painting photo booth

Light painting photo booth.

A photo booth in which the light artist Hannu Huhtamo creates portraits for customers combining a light painting technique with photography.

Link to example photos (the link opens in a new tab): Photos

Type: Light painting photo booth. A photo booth where light artist creates portraits for customers with light painting technique. Each participant poses freely in front of the camera and the artist creates beautiful light drawings around the participant. Each photo takes 1-2 minutes to make. It suits perfectly for events in all sizes and can be customized to match client's needs. It can be modified also as a workshop where I teach people how to make a simple light painting or a light art portrait.

Age group: 0-100 years, people in all ages can be models.

Language(s): Finnish, English

Duration: Depending on an event/client. Usually 1-3 hours. Each portrait takes about 1-2 minutes to make.

Number of people (min-max): 1 to 5 models per photo.

Equipment and materials needed from the client: Suitable floor space/venue, control for ambience lighting and "black box" type booth in some cases.

Equipment provided by the teacher: Camera, stands, flashes & black backdrop (when needed) and light painting tools for light drawing.

Space requirements (size, darkness etc): 16-20 square meters, 3 meters height. Dark environment, or control for adjusting the ambience light.

Possibilities to travel: please state, for example, if you prefer not to fly, where are you willing to travel / not travel etc.: All European countries, U.A.E, Asia and USA are all ok when client provides suitable and safe environment to work. I won't go to Russia.

More info if needed: Link to example photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1k-Hi5hQ7a74rluXxw0fzZYNTbthQl6vb?usp=sharing


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