BLAF – Best of Light Art in Finland presents the best light artists, light art curators and educators in Finland. It is a curated database, administered by the Finnish Light Art Society FLASH.

Let’s not be humble here: Finland is one of the leading countries of light art. We have versatile education, lots of light art happenings, good facilities, and the long dark night called Winter to rehearse in. With BLAF, Finland shares its knowledge and talent in light art with the rest of the world.

The site is an archive as well as a tool of mediating. Among the art works actively available for exhibiting, there are other remarkable pieces of Finnish light art and its history presented as well.   


From BLAF you’ll find the basic info you need for decision making. We’ll provide even more detailed information to the client, should they need to know more before making the decision. Feel free to contact us!

Art works

From BLAF, curators, museum directors, impresarios of light art festivals, builders and city culture officials can search for art works, based on a variety of attributes. Mind you: light art is more than objects and installations; performance happening organizers should have a look, too!

The art works are divided into following, sometimes overlapping categories: Indoors art is, not surprisingly, fitting for indoors exhibitions and Outdoors art stands in more brutal weather conditions. In Art with artist category works the artist is present, like performances, and participatory art, where a community produces an art piece, led by an artist. Custom order means that the presented art work is site specific and cannot be transported as such, but a new or renewed version of it may be ordered. 

If the artwork is marked Showcase, it means that it is included as a fine specimen of Finnish light art only, and not available for mediating. At least not without further investigation.


Thinking about organizing a light art event, but not quite sure where to start? Well, usually the answer is: curating. Thinking of the theme and style of the exhibition is essential, and from BLAF you’ll find experienced curators specialized in light art. Blaf also provides a shorter term kick start consultation to help you get the thing going. 


From BLAF, teachers from university professors to kindergarten teachers can find inspiring workshops and lectures that suit their students. Light art workshop is also a wonderful option for workplaces’ get-togethers. BLAF presents educators for all levels and ages.


If you are a professional artist working with light, you may apply to be included in BLAF. The art work you submit must be completed and tested in at least one exhibition. Apply here.

If you have curated at least two professional light art exhibitions, of which one alone or as the main curator, you can apply to BLAF as a curator. Apply here.

If you have experience in leading workshops, giving lectures and/or courses concerning light art, you may apply as an educator. Apply here.

The application period is ongoing. To avoid waiting, be sure to send your application by the end of January, April, July or October. The board gathers for decision-making four times a year, soon after those deadlines.


Joining BLAF as an artist, educator or curator is free for FLASH members. For now, it’s free for everyone else as well, but this is likely to change in the future. Join FLASH (and BLAF) now and leave that stress behind!

And ordering an artwork, then, what does it cost? The answer depends on the type and location of the exhibition, who pays for what expenses and the type of the art work, among other things. There is room for some negotiating, but the firm principle of BLAF is that artists get paid, properly. As for BLAF’s expenses, there is a modest commission.


At the moment, BLAF is curated by light art curator Mia Kivinen and Anna Björklund. Annukka Ketola is the administrative director. Mail:

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BLAF Best of Light Art in Finland
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