Lighting Design Collective: Nuotiopiiri

Nuotiopiiri is a permanent public artwork placed in the clearing between buildings on Koirasaarentie in Kruunuvuorenranta, Helsinki.

Movement – shadow – flare 

Nuotiopiiri is a symbolic campfire circle placed in the clearing between buildings on Koirasaarentie in Kruunuvuorenranta. During the day the work functions as a discreet piece of functional art. In the dark it creates a warm glow, a flare, which invites viewers to come closer. The light is alive, and it moves calmly, almost indistinctly. The colour temperature is extremely warm.  

The work consists of ten concrete light fixtures, which also function as benches. The concrete elements are placed evenly in a circle which is 4 metres in diameter. From the work, shadows are reflected onto the horizontal surfaces of the clearing. The light sources are well covered to prevent glare. 

The quotation, seen below, from the Master Plan for the lighting of Kruunuvuorenranta by Speris&Major is an essential reference for the work:   

“The approach towards light art interventions is that they should be integrated into existing heritage structures and future public street furniture/equipment as opposed to becoming a separate overlay. In this way they are functional features that serve visitors and the local community during the daytime (e.g., picnic tables, benches, bicycle racks) and they become works of applied light art after dark. These structures can also be designed to create daytime light art through the filtering and reflection of natural light through various materials.” 

The work can be found placed between Koirasaarentie 21 and 23, Helsinki.

Does the artwork use sound?
No sound.

Seen before at:
Public artwork in Kruunuvuoreranta, Helsinki (placed between Koirasaarentie 21 and 23, Helsinki).


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Producer: Annukka Ketola
+358 40 735 3972

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