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Michal Czinege: Garden of Death

Installation that combines large paintings with changing light.

Heidi Stålnacke: In the Meadow

A mixed media sculpture.

Heidi Stålnacke: The Heartbeat

Light sculpture made with mixed media.

Heidi Stålnacke: Pyrähdys, Spring, Viides vuodenaika & Saber Wing

A series of light sculptures made with mixed media.

Ilkka Paloniemi: Peace Ltd

Peace Ltd is a neon sign which does not function properly. The lower center tube is blinking randomly, is it broken?

Anu Raatikainen: Encounter

An interactive sculpture installation consisting of two sculptures which communicate with each other via light and sound. The work raises questions of our relationship to other species, nature, and technology.

Anni Laukka: In Darkness

In Darkness is a small shadow sculpture made of bronze.

Jere Suontausta: Jatkuvaluonteinen normaalitoiminta ​(22.09.2022 klo 19.00-19.02)

A small sculpture presenting the sensation of breathing as light.

Pasi Rauhala ja Petri Eskelinen: Luola ja Löydös

A video sculpture, that interacts with artificial and natural light, located in Kummun koulu (Kummu's school), Outokumpu.

Tomi Paijo: Echoes of the Currents

Artwork evoking whispers, memories, and the fluidity of time's current.

Anni Laukka: The Last Play

A shadow sculpture made of children’s soft toys from homes hit by bombs in Ukraine.

Joakim Udd: Välittäjä

Välittäjä contemplates humans as a means of representing technology. In the piece, narrow beams of light follow a path created by the work's arms and draw out a shape on an illuminated surface.

Jere Suontausta: On Thin Ice

A sculpture or diorama, LED and found objects.

Leena Kangaskoski: Hiekkahippuhohde

Hiekkahippuhohde is part of a three piece installation located in the Daycare Centre Hopealaakso in Kruunuvuorenranta, Helsinki.

Pasi Rauhala: Oiva

Located in Kruunuvuorenranta, Helsinki, Oiva is an ensemble of sculptures made of Cor-Ten steel and light.

Jani Rättyä: Isoset

Light sculptures based on children's drawings, situated by a daycare.

Anna Shkodenko and Tomi Humalisto: Madonluvut

Madonluvut (2019) is an interactive sculpture made of stainless steel and light. The work originates from Finnish epos Kalevala, and the encounter between the hero Lemminkäinen and a monstrous serpent.

Lighting Design Collective: Nuotiopiiri

Nuotiopiiri is a permanent public artwork placed in the clearing between buildings on Koirasaarentie in Kruunuvuorenranta, Helsinki.

Jari Vuorinen (Lighting Design Collective): Vire

Permanent public artwork in Kruunuvuorenranta, Helsinki (Koirasaarentie 34, Helsinki).

Jere Suontausta: Peilipöllö (Bubo speculus) II and I

A fictive-dystopian bird species and a sculptural artwork.

Mia Erlin and Heini Myllyoja: FLUMEN

A permanent light and sound artwork for the City of Kemi.

Mia Erlin: LASTU

A floating and responsive light art sculpture .

Mia Erlin: LIITO

Lightart work to create a meeting point in the Leppävaara underpassage.

Mia Erlin: NEXUS

Responsive permanent light art installation.
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