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Anu Suhonen: Diamond Sp3

Timantti (Diamond) is a large scale mural which shimmers with phosphor-like light and repeats the chemical formula of a diamond. The work won a public art competition and was completed at the Kujala waste management center Lahti.

SWart collective: Porisontti

Porisontti is a dynamic visual and audial experience of Pori's landscape.

Pasi Rauhala: Flamigos

Located in Kalasatama, Helsinki, Flamigos is an ensemble of sculptures made of stainless steel and light.

Mauri Kosonen: Water Memory

A public artwork in Turku combing environmental and light art on perforated steel facade.

Mauri Kosonen: Big Blue

A public artwork in Kaarina combining environmental, architectural, glass, and light art.

VALOA design Oy: Naistenlahden voimalaitos

A light artwork designed permanently for the facade of the power plant.


A permanent digital light artwork situated on the facade of Hotel Torni.

VALOA design Oy: Valometsä

Valometsä (translation: Light Forest) depicts a pine forest, characteristic to its surrounding Satakunta landscape.

Pasi Rauhala ja Petri Eskelinen: Luola ja Löydös

A video sculpture, that interacts with artificial and natural light, located in Kummun koulu (Kummu's school), Outokumpu.

Irina Pått: 14 Dancers

Plywood relief with light, located in Serlachius Museum's Art Sauna.

Leena Kangaskoski: Hiekkahippuhohde

Hiekkahippuhohde is part of a three piece installation located in the Daycare Centre Hopealaakso in Kruunuvuorenranta, Helsinki.

Pasi Rauhala: Oiva

Located in Kruunuvuorenranta, Helsinki, Oiva is an ensemble of sculptures made of Cor-Ten steel and light.

Jani Rättyä: Isoset

Light sculptures based on children's drawings, situated by a daycare.

Valoa Design Oy: Virontörmä residential area light murals

The project consists of light murals and environmental lighting in a large residential area.

Lighting Design Collective: Väre

Exploring the intersection of art, urban design and architecture, Väre is a poetic embodiment of sparkling sunlight on Baltic Sea.

Lighting Design Collective: Yksin, Yhdes

Yksin, Yhdes (tanslation: Alone Together) represents loneliness and closeness, and the contrast between them.

Jaakko Niemelä and Helena Hietanen: Kartastoja

Computer programmed led-lights and perforated aluminium plates on two facades of a car park.

Lighting Design Collective: Värjätyt varjot

Public artwork in Kruunuvuorenranta, Helsinki (Gunillantie 24, Helsinki).

Lighting Design Collective: Silo 468

An interactive light art installation in a former oil silo.

Terike Haapoja: Night Sky

A commissioned work for Myllypuro Hospital.

Anna Shkodenko and Tomi Humalisto: Madonluvut

Madonluvut (2019) is an interactive sculpture made of stainless steel and light. The work originates from Finnish epos Kalevala, and the encounter between the hero Lemminkäinen and a monstrous serpent.

Lighting Design Collective: Nuotiopiiri

Nuotiopiiri is a permanent public artwork placed in the clearing between buildings on Koirasaarentie in Kruunuvuorenranta, Helsinki.

Jari Vuorinen (Lighting Design Collective): Vire

Permanent public artwork in Kruunuvuorenranta, Helsinki (Koirasaarentie 34, Helsinki).

Mia Erlin and Heini Myllyoja: FLUMEN

A permanent light and sound artwork for the City of Kemi.


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