An interactive installation consisting of a grow light and living plants in laboratory glassware.

The experimental work consists of living plants in laboratory glassware and a grow light above the plants. The installation works with motion sensors and is triggered by the viewer's movement in the exhibition space. The longer the work is on, the more light and heat the plants will receive. The installation reflects on issues related to humanity, human relationship to nature, and plants. Furthermore, through these issues the work ultimately relates to existence, survival, and death. 

Light sources, materials, and equipment:  
LED-growlights, bottle gardens, motion detector, steel table.

Dimensions of the work, approximately (width-height-depth): 
150 x 60 x 100 cm

Electricity consumption:
Standard mains current (10A/16A).

Does the artwork use sound?
No sound.

Support and other structures:
The work includes all the necessary structures.

Structures, hardware, or other equipment needed from the client: 

Minimum height of the space:
2 m

Minimum square meters of the space:
6 m2

Requirements for the space: darkness, temperature, colouring (light / dark / specific colour / other) etc.:

Building time and people required (estimate):
2-5 hours.

Artist's presence:
Guidance can be provided for building.

Seen before at:
FLASH 3, Light Art Biennial, Helsinki, 2021


BLAF Best of Light Art in Finland
is hosted by
Finnish Light Art Society FLASH

Producer: Annukka Ketola
+358 40 735 3972

Mia Kivinen / mia.kivinen@valotaiteenseura.fi
Anna Björklund / anna.bjorklund@valotaiteenseura.fi

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