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Jukka Hautamäki: Instruo

Instruo is a study of decontextualization of material. 

Jukka Hautamäki: Carmina Latiaeaeti

Carmina Latiaeaeti produces variations of disappearing images.

Jere Suontausta: Moment

Interpretation of momentariness through light and form.

Tarja Ervasti: Seven gates

A sequence of reflected light forms and colours from seven mirrors.

Vappu Rossi: Flapper

Inspired by the inner world of the mind, Flapper is a play on perception.

Tomasz Sekular: Seascapes

A playful reorientation and combination of light and video art engaging with the Seascapes-genre and screen space.

Ville Mäkelä: Иван V ( Ivana V)

A critical and timely work about the cruel cycle of despotic rule which perpetuates itself as tyrants amass power through fear.

Markku Uimonen: Shadow of Light

A work consisting of neon tubes on acrylic and charcoal.

Kirsti Taiviola: Flying Bird With Seven Lenses

A work made with a unique technique: a stop-motion animation with hand blown glass lenses.

Elisa Hillgen: Valonkehrä

A small-scale rotating work, suitable for indoors.

Alexander Salvesen: Solastalgia

A bright and large-scale installation combining light, painting and glass.

Alexander Salvesen: A Bright Future

Analog projection inspired by light pollution and other global problems.

Alexander Reichstein: The Nameless Family Album

A series of large scale transparent glowing "photos", which invite visitors to wander among them.

Broas & Nyberg: Ljuslunga

A breathing light sculpture portraying life's fragility.

Juan Kasari: Hotel Room 616

A reproduction of a scene in a hotel room.

Michal Czinege: Garden of Death

Installation that combines large paintings with changing light.

Severi Haapala: Drop It Like It's Hot

The work Drop It Like It's Hot reflects on the associations created by color and shape. The work reflects on the space between movement and immobility.

Vappu Rossi: Generatio spontanea

The poetic animation shows an evolving shadow of a tree sapling.

Jere Suontausta: Imponderabilia

Found objects with self-built custom LED circuits.

Pietu Pietiäinen & Juha Valkeapää: The Truth

The Truth is an oracle-like entity that people visit in order to learn truth. To enter the room of the oracle, the visitors are asked to answer one question: “What is the truth?”, by writing the answer on a desktop computer. The languages used can vary depending on where the work is presented. We learn that truth is relative.

Sampsa Pirtola: The Greatest of All Secrets

An experimental video art piece about magic, illusion, and individual freedom.

Heidi Stålnacke: In the Meadow

A mixed media sculpture.

Heidi Stålnacke: The Heartbeat

Light sculpture made with mixed media.

Heidi Stålnacke: Pyrähdys, Spring, Viides vuodenaika & Saber Wing

A series of light sculptures made with mixed media.
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