Kirsti Taiviola: Auringon laulu (Canticle of the Sun)

Altarpiece of Söderkulla Church, Sipoo, Finland, 2021

The altarpiece consists of 365 handblown unique glass cylinders on steel frames. The work was inspired by Francis of Assisi's prayer Canticle of the Sun and its praise to the creation. The work is also a colourful tribute to nature and light. The colouring of each glass piece is based on nature pictures received from the members of the parish who were invited to participate in the design process. Underlying the participatory way of working was an idea to encourage people to reflect on holiness and the significance of nature. Each glass cylinder has an individually controlled LED light source that illuminates them from the inside. With the help of programmable lighting, the appearance of the altarpiece can be changed for different events in the church hall. The glass parts were handblown at Tavastia Vocational College in Nuutajärvi, Finland. 

Which kind of light sources and what other materials and equipment are used?
RGBW-leds, hand blown glass cylinders, steel.

Seen before at:
Permanently located in Söderkulla Church, Sipoo, Finland.



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Producer: Annukka Ketola
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