Alexander Reichstein: The Tree of Life


The Tree of Life is a paradise-like tree, bearing diverse glowing giant flowers and fruit. Small creatures climb, jump, and play happily around like humans before they had been expelled from the paradise. They explore their marvellous surroundings, live in the fruit like worms, and roar in flowers like insects. The installation consists of a beautiful natural tree (found on-site), that should not be too high. All flowers, fruits, and small figurines are made from steel wire and glow in UV light. The installation includes a beautiful calm musical background, created by the sound artist Petri Laakso. Human whisper, bird song, bee buzz, and other sounds are combined with Arvo Pärt's music Spiegel im Spiegel. 

Which kind of light sources and what other materials and equipment are used?
Typhoon UV 6pcs (provided by the artist). Speaker & player (provided by the host).

Please provide the dimensions of the work. Approximate size will do. Please mention if the work can be adjusted. (width-height-depth):

Electricity consumption:
Standard mains current (10A/16A).

Does the artwork use sound?
Ambient sound.

Support and other structures:
The work needs support structures, hanging points, or similar.

Please state which structures, hardware or other equipment is needed from the client:
Any beautiful natural tree can be used, size about 6-10 m high.

Minimum height of the space:

Minimum square meters of the space:

Requirements for the space: darkness, temperature, colouring (light / dark / specific colour / other) etc.:

Building time and people required (estimate):
10 hours to mount (2 helpers needed), 4 hours to dismantle (1 helper). Lift or crane always needed.

Artist's presence:
Artist or their representative must be present during building.

Seen before at:
Visual Festival, Botania, Joensuu, 2021. Katajanokka, Helsinki, 2021. Houses of Light, Riihimäki, 2022.


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Producer: Annukka Ketola
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