Päivi Alajuntti

Master of Arts, the University of Art and Design Helsinki, b. 1956, lives in Fiskars (Raasepori), Finland

Päivi Alajuntti has lived in different parts of Finland, currently working in Fiskars. She graduated in 1991 as Master of Arts from the University of Art and Design Helsinki (nowadays Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture), also completing some music courses at the Sibelius Academy.

Alajuntti is a multidisciplinary artist and often works in the field of site-specific art. She is interested in the inter/intra-action of light, sound, color, space, time and materials: how different art forms influence both each other and people who interpret their perceptions. The master's thesis approached light and sound from a perspective of colour (212 pages and a temporary light and sound installation Niinkuin kahdesta/As Two). Light is a prerequisite for seeing and it is always of some color. The concept of colour refers to different things in music and visual arts, and in everyday speech the word colour has several meanings.

In light art she has used artificial or nature light, fire, characteristic or artificial filter colors of different light sources, direct/indirect light, light-shadow-space, natural and found materials reflecting their characteristic light colors, connotations of colours  and expressions etc. Themes has dealt to human and nature related issues, i.a. poverty, fragility, death and ecological crisis, sometimes in a humorous way too.

After a generated idea the working process starts: acquire background information and photos, explore and move around on-site (if possible), think, interpret and write as well as sketch and experiment - it's a persistent dialogue how lights and materials cooperate in relation to the ambience of the idea, with each other and with space and time.

In addition to solo and group exhibitions, Alajuntti has worked in a variety of visual arts positions, for instance as a initiator and motor of site-specific and community art projects, member of event workgroups, teacher, lecturer, curator and as a specialist of visual arts.



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