Terike Haapoja

Terike Haapoja is a visual artist based in Berlin. Haapoja’s work investigates the existential and political boundaries of our world, with a specific focus on issues arising from the anthropocentric world view of Western traditions. Animality, multispecies politics, cohabitation, time, loss, and repairing connections are recurring themes in Haapoja’s work.

Tero Jartti

Freelance artist, interested in working with shadows and illusions.

Timo A. Aalto & Lotta-Pia Kallio

Lotta-Pia Kallio, kuvataiteilija (MA edu) & Timo A. Aalto (MA) are focused to historical buildings with a story and also large surfaces, combining light, media and sound. They have worked together since 2016.

Timo Aho

Sculpture, intervention & installation art

Timo Kokko

Timo Kokko studies materiality, immateriality, space, light and observation through installations and sculptures. His works are a multi-sensorial experiences. He produces art through the observation and research of the environment, approaching the arts from scientific perspectives, often relying on experimentation, psychology, biology, chemistry and visual anthropology. Kokko’s work deals with ecological values and questions about humanity. Human, nature, time, moment and ephemerality are reoccurring themes in his work. Timo Kokko is a visual artist based in Kuopio. He has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts at University of the Arts in Helsinki.

Tomi Paijo

Tomi Paijo is a light artist who integrates technology and art. His installations explore human interaction dynamics. With a background in media technology, his works blend innovation with visual storytelling.

Valoa design Oy

VALOA design (est. 1997) is a design office that provides public light art installations as a seamless part of the built environment. Long experience in the field of architectural and urban lighting has created a strong understanding and faded the fine line between light art and architecture. Our aim is that our installations are both visually and technically sustainable.

Vappu Rossi

Vappu Rossi is a visual and media artist. She is often inspired by shadows and reflections, and lights and shadows are one of the main features in her art.

Veli-Ville Sivén

Veli-Ville Sivén is a Finnish media and light artist. Sivén is interested in the unspoken power of abstract form that initiate a process of meaning-making in the viewer. His works have been featured in exhibitions such as Lux Helsinki (2019), Slash Summer Exhibition (2024), or as part of stage productions like Oracle Leaves – Portraits of Daphne (2022) dance performance in Berlin. Additionally, he served as the artistic director of the Light Station 2019 light art festival.

Ville Mäkelä

Ville Mäkelä, a lighting designer from Helsinki, Finland, has worked on more than 40 theater productions, specializing in lighting and video design. Beyond the stage, Mäkelä's artistic vision extends to two thought-provoking works, both addressing political themes. These pieces aim to prompt introspection, shedding light on the societal issues that shape our world. Mäkelä thinks that Provoking conversation through art is not just valuable — it's essential.

Vilma Vantola

Vilma Vantola is an artist and lighting designer based in Helsinki, Finland. In her work she often has an interest in the cycle of nature and the theoretical and human meanings of things in life. The insightful use of colors is one of her great strengths as a lighting designer. Vantola has graduated from the vocational school Pekka Halonen Academy (photography) and holds a degree of Master of Arts (Theater and Drama) in lighting design from the University of the Arts Helsinki (2020). She did her Erasmus exchange in the Cross-Disciplinary Strategies program at the University of Applied Arts Vienna during the winter of 2019-2020.


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