Olivia Pohjola: Edeltämenneille / For the Foregone

This is a tableau of already extinct and currently disappearing species. This is a memorial and praise for the lost species that have faced extinction because of human activity. "Get up, you sooty boy, from the sooty beds, the Moon has risen, the Sun has risen, but you're still lying there; Get up and watch the Moon, to admire the weather, it's bad for you to stay there ´, but good to get up." Finnish folklore: (SKVR VI2 4984. Leppävirta. Savolainen, I. n. 21. --1892.), 2021

The work originated from anxiety about the destruction of natural diversity and from deep respect for the animal world. My relationship with nature has always been the most important and safest thing in my life. I wanted to make the work as a praise and a memorial to already lost species that have died out due to human activity. The piece contains species from around the world that are known to have disappeared from the earth for good.

Which kind of light sources and what other materials and equipment are used?
4 x Clay Paky Spheriscan and custom class gobos.

Please provide the dimensions of the work. Approximate size will do. Please mention if the work can be adjusted. (width-height-depth):
20m-6m-6m (can be adjusted)

Requirements for the space: darkness, temperature, colouring (light / dark / specific colour / other) etc.:
Darkness, urban or organic surface to project the images.

Electricity consumption:
Standard mains current (10A/16A)

Support and other structures:
The work needs support structures, hanging points, or similar.

Please state which structures, hardware or other equipment is needed from the client:
4 x Clay Paky Spheriscan and support structure for them.

Does the artwork use sound?
No sound

Minimum height of the space:

Minimum square meters of the space:

Building time and people required (estimate):
6 hours, 2 people.

Artist's presence:
Artist or their representative must be present during building.

Seen before at:
Flash3, Helsinki, Finland, 2021


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