Michal Czinege: Garden of Death

Garden of Death is a site-specific installation: it is made to be partly variable in size and shape according to the exhibition space. The visual elements have their origin in herbaria of extinct plants of the North Karelia area.  

The artist draws attention to how the spiralling surge of mass extinction is not only a phenomenon on a universal scale, but the loss of each specie always has local significance. The workings of the installation are based on interaction of light and physical colour. The installation’s name refers partly to Hugo Simberg’s painting “Garden of Death”. Czineger thinks about his installation as a place of strangeness, where “something of the plants’ essence is kept flickering and oscillating as memories until it is no more and disappears completely.”  

The material choices for the installation are part of his research as an artist into biodegradable, non-toxic materials that burden the environment as little as possible. Paint for the installation is made using ash from burnt firewood as pigment. 


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