Raisa Kilpeläinen

Raisa Kilpeläinen (born 1979) holds MA in lighting design, scenography and theatre research studies.

Kilpeläinen works as an artist and a freelance designer. She creates light art, lighting design, scenography, cross-disciplinary pieces and participates in various collaborative projects, including the art collective KOKIMO (2010–), of which she is a founding member. Kilpeläinen is also a writer, editor, and curator. Along all this Kilpeläinen works as an hourly-paid lecturer in The University of the Arts Helsinki's Theatre Academy. She also is a doctoral candidate in the field of art and design. As an artist, Kilpeläinen has a specific focus on dramaturgy, light, space, stage, site-sensitivity, realities, perceptions and sustainability. Her work has been exhibited and performed in Finland and internationally. Kilpeläinen is a board member of the Finnish OISTAT Centre and a board member of the Finnish Light Art Society (FLASH). She chaired the board of Lighting, Sound and Video Designers in Finland (SVÄV), 2016–2019.


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