Vappu Rossi: Flapper

Inspired by the inner world of the mind, Flapper is a play on perception.

A light box artwork in which thousands of hand-drilled holes form a figurative image. The artwork transforms depending on the viewing angle; the lights sparkle, and the image evolves. From the side, the box seems black but when light emerges from the holes, the small light spots suddenly organize themselves into a human figure, a face, or perhaps a double image of two faces – depending on the viewer and their point of view.  

The theme of the artwork revolves around the human face conveying emotions and experiences; the inner world of the mind, focusing on existentialist fundamental questions. 

Which kind of light sources and what other materials and equipment are used?
Light box, led light, hand-drilled black acrylic.

Please provide the dimensions of the work. Approximate size will do. Please mention if the work can be adjusted. (width-height-depth):
57 cm x 40 cm x 13 cm.

Please provide the dimensions of the work for mailing / sending. Approximate size will do:
57 cm x 40 cm x 13 cm + package.

Electricity consumption:
Standard mains current (10A/16A).

Does the artwork use sound?
No sound.

Support and other structures:
The work includes all the necessary structures.

Please state which structures, hardware or other equipment is needed from the client:
Electricity for standard outlets, type C (Europlug).

Minimum height of the space:

Minimum square meters of the space:

Requirements for the space: darkness, temperature, colouring (light / dark / specific colour / other) etc.:

Building time and people required (estimate):
Depending on the wall material, approx. 15–20min. 1–2 people.

Artist's presence:
Artist or their representative must be present during building.

Seen before at:
Vappu Rossi: In such a small town, even that is enough for a miracle, solo exhibition, part of Lux Helsinki Festival 2024, Galleria Halmetoja, Helsinki 2024


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Producer: Annukka Ketola
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