Maaria Wirkkala: PENALTY

Penalty is one detail of Maaria Wirkkala’ s exhibition Open Situation in Helsinki Art Museum 2014

PENALTY was on show first time as a part of Maaria Wirkkala’s big solo exhibition “Open Situation” in Helsinki Art Museum 2014. When the museum invited the artist to create an exhibition she was given Carte Blanche. The title of the exhibition ," Open Situation", is a reference to the moment in sports when a player gets a clear shot at the goal. The exhibition dealt with the uncertainty of the world, and the presence of potential violence using sport as metaphor.

Does the artwork use sound?
Loudspeakers with the sound of a football match turning little by little to a riot.

Seen before at:
Project for Helsinki Art Museum HAM 2014, Miettinen Gallery, Berlin 2015



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