Jere Suontausta: Peilipöllö (Bubo speculus)

A fictive-dystopian bird species and a sculptural artwork, 2019

Peilipöllö (Bubo speculus) is a fictive-dystopian bird species and a sculptural light installation that consists almost entirely out of found and recycled materials. The artwork is both an introverted fantasy and a statement: The owl hoots at the audience in an oddly melancholic manner, casting its stare on us on the verge of climate catastrophe and mass extinction.

The creation of the artwork was largely guided by stumbling upon some intriguing materials, starting from the museum light reflectors that became the eyes of an owl. I got interested in this idea of a dystopia, where only mechanical bird species consisting of thrash and mirroring metal would remain and wanted to offer a glimpse to such (near) future with a sculptural artwork. Gathering some more shiny-and-possibly-birdlike materials from thrift shops and such, I built a quite weird owl. The hooting sounds of Bubo speculus are made by playing and recording a door of a mirror cabinet in the toilet of my flat.

Is the artwork available for exhibiting?
No, the artwork can't be rebuilt and is in BLAF as a showcase only.

Which kind of light sources and what other materials and equipment are used?
The sculpture consists of almost entirely found or recycled materials and objects, such as vintage kitchenware, czechoslovakian cookie molds, a mirror ball and used reflectors from exhibition lighting. There are LED and incandescent light sources inside the sculpture. A separate, focused lighting is done according to the exhibition space and surroundings.

Does the artwork use sound?
Directional/effect sound from inside the sculpture.

Seen before at:
Loiste Ylöjärvi, Ylöjärvi, 2019 - Reflektor Korso, Vantaa, 2019 - Lux Helsinki, Helsinki, 2020


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