Jere Suontausta: Moment

Interpretation of momentariness through light and form.

Moment is a sculptural installation composed of found objects and a tiny incandescent light, in which momentariness has been compressed into both the narrowest and the broadest form of interpretation.  

In the work, the light represents the smallest conceivable temporal unit, that is, a moment. When thinking 'now,' it has long since passed. The world and the entire entirety are composed of an infinite and infinitely dense chain of moments – but none of those can be grasped as such. A moment is both the largest and smallest unit, and its significance expands equally toward the limits of finitude - in the artwork, as far as the light reaches.   

Allegorically: All reality and existence comprehensible to the human mind is still a mere grain of sand in the (temporal) scale of the universe. We struggle with the meaningfulness and meaninglessness of our existence, trying to understand and control everything that surrounds us - even though we are that unattainable 'now' amid vast darkness. 

Which kind of light sources and what other materials and equipment are used?
Incandescent light, found objects.

Please provide the dimensions of the work. Approximate size will do. Please mention if the work can be adjusted. (width-height-depth):
Approx. 30cm x 200cm x 30cm.

Please provide the dimensions of the work for mailing / sending. Approximate size will do:
Approx. 30cm x 15cm x 40cm box.

Electricity consumption:
Standard mains current (10A/16A).

Does the artwork use sound?
No sound.

Support and other structures:
The work needs support structures, hanging points, or similar.

Please state which structures, hardware or other equipment is needed from the client:
The artwork needs a hanging point and a pedestal (to be specified corresponding to the exhibition space).

Minimum height of the space:

Minimum square meters of the space:

Requirements for the space: darkness, temperature, colouring (light / dark / specific colour / other) etc.:
Darkness, light coloured walls.

Building time and people required (estimate):
4 hours, one person.

Artist's presence:
Guidance can be provided for building.

Seen before at:
Don't Hold Your Breath:, Sipoo, 2022


BLAF Best of Light Art in Finland
is hosted by
Finnish Light Art Society FLASH

Producer: Annukka Ketola
+358 40 735 3972

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